Note: The tools that are referenced next are future projects and ideas that may be developed in the scope of the RTEMS Centre project.

Core File Generation Tool

With this tool a user shall be able to trace back to the point were the program failed. A system failure may either be the consequence of some unexpected exception or simply an unsuccessful assertion in the application code . When the system fails a raw memory dump is sent to the developer’s computer, which will then use this tool to generate a core file. The core file must then be loaded into GDB.

Remote Debug Monitor Tool

With this tool a user shall be able to load an application in ELF format. This tool envisage to support only the a.out-sunos-big file format.

PROM Image Builder Tool

This is a tool that encapsulates the user application in an image file that is ready to be burned into a boot PROM of an ERC32 or LEON system.