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The RTEMS Centre is a project, sponsored by ESA.
The purpose, of the project, is to establish an European expertise centre around the RTEMS operating system and, in that way, to make it an added value for future space missions.

The goal of the RTEMS Centre website is to promote the usage of RTEMS operating system and show what is currently being done by EDISOFT in respect to RTEMS.

An outcome of this project were the RTEMS Support Tools. The first and second beta releases these tools, and documentation, are available by request in the email below.

The second update on the RTEMS Tools developed in the scope of the RTEMS Centre, includes a first version of the User Manual for all of the RTEMS Tools release and the first version of the RTEMS Other Support Tools (Remote Debug Monitor Tool).




For more information regarding the RTEMS Centre or the RTEMS/Support Tools, please send an email to: