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RTEMS/Support Tools

The RTEMS/Support Tools developed in the scope of the RTEMS Centre are:

RTEMS Configuration and Installation Tool
  • The objective of this software is to provide users an easy way to deploy the RTEMS on their system.
  • The need for this tool arises from the existence of several configuration parameters in RTEMS as well as the baseline tools (e.g. binutils, GC, Newlib) that the RTEMS system depends on, and whose complexity may overwhelm newcomers in the configuration step.
  • The purpose of this tool is to free the developer from all the problems that are usually associated with the installation process of RTEMS, which could otherwise become an annoyance and a waste of useful development time for any software engineer who wishes to use RTEMS.
RTEMS Application Configuration Tool
  • The objective of this software is to provide users an easy way to configure applications developed using RTEMS.
  • The need for this tool arises from the fact that there are several configuration parameters associated with the development of a RTEMS application, in which some of them may be overlooked by the application developer.
  • The goal of this tool is to simplify the development of RTEMS applications through the use of a graphical interface (which in occasions may be complemented with a contextual help) which will allow the user some management of the resources that are used by the application and with this try to optimize the resource usage of the application.
RTEMS Timeline Tool
  • The objective for this software is log the behavior of an application executing in a board or in a simulator.
  • The results are then presented in a graphical mode and thus provide an easy way to observe the execution flow of the system.
  • This tool will help in the detection of eventual flaws as well as possible optimizations to the system by monitoring both temporal (e.g. which task is executing at a given point in time) and spatial changes (e.g. memory usage) in the system.
  • The need for this tool arises from the fact that some systems (e.g. space systems) present a high-level of criticality and consequently the temporal behavior needs a detailed study.
RTEMS Other Support Tools
  • Core File Generation Tool:
    This tool can generate a core file, from the contents of a raw memory dump, which will then be loaded into GDB and show the user where the application crashed.
  • Remote Debug Monitor Tool:
    This tool is an intrusive debugger (i.e., interrupts the normal code execution in order to execute debug code) that acts like a server while running on the target board and provides the means for software based debugging over a serial line.
  • PROM Image Builder Tool:
    This is a tool that encapsulates the user application in an image file that is ready to be burned into a boot PROM of an ERC32 or LEON system.

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